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Creating a Dog-Friendly Apartment

Even the most pet-friendly luxury apartments can feel cramped to dogs, so how can you keep your dog happy in a big city like Oakland? Luckily, you can take certain steps to make your home as friendly for your best friend as it is for you.

Dog-Proof Your Home

You may have heard of kid-proofing your apartment but dog-proofing could be new to you. Dog-proofing includes installation of child-proof latches to keep prying paws away from cleaning supplies, medications, and other chemicals. If you have prized possessions that a wagging tail might knock down, be sure to place those things in places that are out of reach for your four-legged friend.

If you have a teething puppy, you’ll want to make sure your pet has chewable toys that will soothe their gums. Don’t forget to stash shoes and other items to ensure they don’t fall victim.

Define Areas for Your Pet

If you’re in the process of looking for an apartment in Oakland, prioritize those with floor plans that are open and well laid out, as this makes it easy to create clearly defined spaces for you and your dog.

To create clearly defined spaces in your Oakland rental, mark off clear areas for your pet’s food bowl, water bowl, and bed. Think about where you want to keep your dog’s toys, as well; it might make sense to have a dog bed near your desk, but you definitely don’t want your dog to think that your office area is a good spot for playtime!

Develop a Routine

It’s a given that dogs need exercise, but did you know they also crave the security of a routine? Make sure that your dog gets potty breaks, walks, and meals at reliable times, and work playtime into the day at regular intervals.

Some luxury dog-friendly apartments in Oakland, offer concierge services and amenities geared towards your dog. They can help you find a walker, groomer, and even a helpful hand to check on your dog when you’re away. If you have a reliable routine for walks, play, feeding and fun, your dog will thank you.

By setting up your home in a dog-friendly manner and by working with a pet friendly owner, you can enjoy a less stressful life with your animal companion. These simple tips will make your Oakland rental feel like home for both you and your pet. It’s a win-win!