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Does Cleaning Reduce Stress?

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Cleaning is often considered a tedious obligation. It’s the last thing most people want to do after a long day at work or when they could be enjoying their day off. Cleaning your home at the rentals in Oakland simply sounds more like hard work than a relaxing exercise, right? As it turns out, there are real stress reducing benefits to this action than you might think.

The Fog of Clutter

Coming home from a hectic day at the office to a house filled with clutter is a stressful situation. When laundry starts piling up and items are strewn about on the floor, it can feel overwhelming. Instead of crawling into bed for a Netflix binge, the best thing you can do is start tidying up. When clutter is reduced, so are your stress levels.

Cleaning Saves Money

While most people don’t realize it, clutter can become a drain on their finances. Bills go missing, lost items are replaced, and eating out makes more sense than cooking in a messy kitchen. All of those occurrences can add up and take away from your monthly budget. Cleaning up your home can eliminate these instances, helping you save cash.


Taking the time and putting forth the effort to make cleaning an exercise in mindfulness offers an incredible boost your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you’re washing dishes, for instance, take the time to admire your plates. While dusting, take a moment to enjoy your knick knacks. Noticing and being grateful for each item in your home is essential to your happiness.

As you recognize each item throughout your house, you gain an appreciation for the things you’re lucky to have or have worked hard for. It’s an exercise in inner peace that helps you stay happy with what you have as opposed to wanting what you don’t.

Stress Management

The act of cleaning your house is a form of exercise, and any expert will tell you that exercise and happiness go hand in hand. Working out is an incredible stress reducer. Just tidying up your home is enough to get your blood flowing, which is all you need for a little pick-me-up.

Combining mindful techniques into this workout creates a meditative practice, similar to “getting in the zone” when lifting weights or doing cardio. Together, these elements will leave you feeling relaxed and accomplished after your cleaning session is over.

The Sound of Music

Cleaning alone can be a bore, especially when you aren’t in that zen state of mind. So, turn your tidying up into a party with your favorite tunes. Music has numerous stress reduction benefits to reap on top of your cleaning spree. Plus, you’re more likely to work faster with some music to keep you moving.

Boosting Productivity

While you may not notice it, clutter actually interferes with your ability to focus. You might find it harder tackle projects at home, write up a paper, or stay on task when trying to do weekly tasks like the laundry.

Clutter is a mental distraction. The sooner you clear it out of your home, the better. This benefit is also two-fold. A lack of clutter leaves you with time to relax, which can be exactly what you need for a little mental rejuvenation.

The Home Effect

How you think of your home has a lot to do with your stress levels. If the idea of coming to your apartment already has you panicking or dreading the amount of cleaning that needs done, then you’re viewing your home as another source of stress.

Your home should be a restful and restorative place. A sanctuary of sorts that offers a reprieve from the outside world. By tackling the tough job of cleaning, you can rethink the relationship between you and your humble abode.

Restful Sleep

Stress is a leading cause for restless nights, but there’s more to it than whether or not your home is decluttered. The National Sleep Foundation found that individuals who make their bed consistently are 19 percent more likely to enjoy restful sleep.

The study also found that 75% of people surveyed said they slept best with clean sheets. If you’re not feeling up to cleaning the entire house, you can always kickstart a day off of decluttering with a restful night’s sleep by just cleaning your bedroom.

Rentals in Oakland

The facts are in, and science says a clean home is a sure-fire way to reduce your stress levels. Of course, it always helps to live in stress-less environment. Fourth Street East offers just that as it begins a new chapter in the life of Oakland’s waterfront.

Each home within these apartment building features the finest in modern finishes. Kitchen islands with waterfall edge quartz countertops are accentuated by French door refrigerators and modern cabinetry. Recessed lighting delivers ambiance as you enjoy soaking tubs, wood-look luxury flooring, and private rooftop terraces. Smart home technology reduces your carbon footprint, while keyless entry makes life a breeze.

The community within Fourth Street Easts features a collection of carefully curated amenities designed to elevate everyday life. Tackle the day’s obligations in the co-working lounge, then kick back by the rooftop sky deck or fireside lounges. Learn something new in the DIY workshop, grab a bite to eat in the chef’s kitchen, or pamper your furry friends at the pet spa. With transit screens and electric car charging stations, everything you need is right outside your front door.

When you’re ready to leave the comforts of your escape, Oakland and all of the Bay Area await. Enjoy fine dining experiences ranging from Souley Vegan to Yoshi’s. Treat yourself to boutique shops like Bay Street Emeryville, then immerse yourself in the neighborhood’s nightlife. With easy access to the ferry, Amtrak, and BART, commuting for work or play has never been easier.

Two apartment buildings, one street, one vision. This is the next chapter in the life of Oakland’s waterfront neighborhood, Jack London Square. Welcome to Fourth Street East, and unlimited number of moments in the making.