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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Wrapped holiday presents

There are two kinds of people: Those that do their holiday shopping ahead of time and those who scramble at the last minute to find the perfect gift. Sometimes, work and other obligations just keep you too busy to hit the mall or spend all day on the computer during Cyber Monday. Luckily, there are a number of last-minute gifts you can order from the comfort of the Oakland luxury apartments.

You could always go with the cliché of a few fives or a twenty stuffed into a holiday card (people do like money), but these gifts allow you to be a little more creative. Plus, you can order them in time for the holidays with some of them even being available the day of. Here is the best of the best.

Winter Wishes Bouquet

This flower arrangement is excellent for friends, acquaintances, and mothers alike. It features a decadent display of white roses accompanied by several other holiday-themed picks that evoke the holiday/winter spirit. This particular display, along with several others, comes from 1-800-Flowers and qualifies for same-day delivery on Christmas Eve. Talk about a lifesaver!

Subscription Boxes

These handy gifts keep on giving into the new year. You can find a subscription box for just about everything, too. The important thing is that they ship at a specified time each month. So, if you’re running out time before Christmas, you can always let the recipient know that they have a subscription service starting in January. Here are just a few categories you can choose from:

  • Jewelry
  • Makeup and beauty products
  • Video games
  • Pop culture
  • Food, candy, and coffee
  • Regional goods
  • Clothing
  • Gadgets
  • Dog toys
  • Male grooming
  • And dozens of others
  • Winc Wine Delivery

There are bound to be at least a handful of people on your list that love wine. So, why not have it shipped to their door? After a quick questionnaire on taste preferences, Winc delivers three decadent bottles right to your gift recipient’s door with no extra fee. It’s a flat $26 and guaranteed to satisfy.

Bloomsy Box

This is also a subscription “box” but it stands out from the others as a more romantic option. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your significant other, then why not send them a fresh bouquet of flowers each month? They come pre-arranged and hand-wrapped for added flair, ensuring that your SO will love them (as long as they like flowers, of course).

The Lottery Ticket

Do you have a section on your list for acquaintances? Whether you know them from work, the local watering hole, or some distant family relation, you can’t go wrong with a few lottery tickets. Not only do they offer a little more excitement than a $20 bill, you can also pick them up the day of Christmas so long as there’s a gas station open near you. It’s easy, affordable, and saves you the hassle of guessing what these people you hardly know want for the holidays.

The Gift Card

If you feel like adding a little more thought to that acquaintance gift or just want to get your family members something they’ll actually use, go with a gift card. You can spend as much you want as you pick up the tab for services they use all the time. A few excellent options include:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Their favorite store
  • Or their favorite restaurant

The best part about gift cards is that they can be bought and gifted the same day. While you could pick these up at a gas station or supermarket, save yourself the added trip and gift them via Amazon. You can send them to any other account upon purchasing. If you want to go the extra mile, gift a prepaid Visa so your gift recipient can spend their cash anywhere.

Pooch Selfie

Know someone who loves taking photos of their dog? Then Amazon has the perfect last-minute gift. It’s called the Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick. The simple design utilizes a clip to hold a small tennis ball above any smart phone, allowing the owner to grab their dog’s attentions and snap adorable photos. This one is so thoughtful that no one will ever know you procrastinated. Thank you, Amazon, for same-day shipping.

The Spa Gift Card

Sometimes, procrastinating can get you into trouble. Whether the gift is for your lover or parents, you can’t exactly skimp with a lottery ticket or gift card. That’s why you need a special type of gift card…the spa gift card. This magical gift offers its recipient exceptional pampering services that will have a smile on their face just thinking about it. It’s thoughtful because everyone needs a day of relaxation, and its classy appeal makes it a higher-end gift.

Just Get Them an Amazon Alexa

While they’ve been around for a while, not everyone owns an Alexa device. Plus, there are different models on the market that serve different purposes. If you act fast, you can take advantage of gracious sales up to 75% on certain devices. Who doesn’t want a smart assistant in their home, right?

Oakland Luxury Apartments

The last-minute gift you choose ultimately created a defining moment. Choose poorly, and everyone will know you waited until the last moment. Choose wisely, and you might have given the best gift this year. That’s what Fourth Street East is all about, defining moments. These luxury apartment homes usher in the new era of life in Oakland’s waterfront locale, reshaping the lives of those who live there as well as the destination itself. Two apartment buildings, one street, and one vision combine to create an unlimited number of moments in the making.

Minutes from the freeway and NorCal’s public transportation options, your commute to anywhere in the Bay Area is a breeze. Modern finishes create an envious appeal, while carefully curated, resort-style amenities cater to every facet of life. Meanwhile, the vibrant neighborhood of Jack London Square is right outside your door. Welcome to the next chapter in Oakland’s history. Welcome to Fourth Street East.