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Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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If there’s something all of us in the Bay Area apartments for rent can agree upon, it’s that making good use of the space in our laundry rooms is an absolute must. It can get cramped in there sometimes, and in spite of that fact, we’ve still got to be able to store a fair amount of stuff in there, so making clever use of the space comes in handy. On that note, we’ve got some creative storage ideas that will help take your laundry room game to the next level. With these techniques, you’ll be able to fit more than ever before in your laundry room, and they aren’t that hard to pull off. Here’s what you should be trying out.

Improving Your Laundry Room Storage Capacity

So, what can you do to fit more in your laundry room? For starters, you’ll want to start utilizing space that is currently underutilized, like your walls for example. One of the oldest and easiest laundry room hacks is simply installing some wall storage baskets that can help you house your detergent, dryer sheets, loose undergarments, and much more.

You can use a similar philosophy for your ceiling, but instead of baskets this time, think bars. Hanging bars are great way to have an in-room drying rack, and you can have all your delicate items that can’t stand the heat of the dryer just hang from a hook instead. Your walls and ceilings aren’t the only places you can add some extra storage either. If you look carefully, you may very well have a corner or two that’s free.

Those free corners are all the room you need to add a shelf or two, and you know full well how much storage you’ll open up with the right shelf! It doesn’t even have to be a colossal shelf — just something slim and sturdy with several rows will give you everything you need for laundry room essentials like detergent, cleaning supplies and the like.

Finally, it pays to have some flat space in or nearby your laundry room. The solution is adding a folding station via a wall-mounted desk, which folds down when you need it and folds up when you don’t. This way, you’ll have just the right amount of counter space to fold clothing and other items while you’re doing laundry, instead of just throwing them into the basket and hoping you’ll get to it later!

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