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Thanksgiving Host Gifts

A person handing out holiday gifts

Whether you’re heading to a swanky feast at the luxury apartments in the Jack London District or a more laid-back affair somewhere else in the East Bay this Thanksgiving, you might find it appropriate to bring a nice gift along to thank your host or hostess. A party gift is a great way to show your appreciation, but there are some rules in selecting and giving a gift you’ll want to follow so that your offering comes across as sincere and you won’t make any other guests who neglected to bring a gift feel out of sorts. Today, we’re going to provide you with a few tips in selecting that perfect gift and presenting it to your host/hostess.

The Lowdown On Holiday Host/Hostess Gifts

The first things you’ll have to keep in mind are in regards to what kind of gift you should get for your host or hostess. Remember that, unlike a personal gift that you’d get them, a party-specific gift should be something they’d find of value in the course of entertaining a group of friends. This narrows the field a bit, and you should also keep in mind that you won’t need to break the back in order to get them something nice. As this list of holiday hostess gifts from The Nest aptly illustrates, you can get all sorts of amazing items for less than $50.

Appropriate offerings include items like dishes, coasters, candles, towels, and the like, and while other items (like wine and flowers) can sometimes be suitable for the occasion, it’s best to stick with the tried and true to ensure you’re on target. As for giving that gift, make sure that, above all else, you’ve wrapped it appropriately and, counter intuitively, NOT included a card along with the gift to show your thanks (you do this sort of thanking verbally).

Additional gift giving tips include being quick and discreet in your handoff. You can offer your gift to the host/hostess as soon as they greet you at the door, offering a line about how you’re glad they invited you, and just got them a little something to express your appreciation. Afterwards, head on into the celebration, and give your host/hostess time to unwrap the gift privately, as is appropriate for such an occasion, as it allows them to avoid awkward situations with other guests who may have neglected to show their thanks in a similar manner.

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