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Diverse Restaurants in Oakland

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While living in Oakland waterfront apartments, you may have a hankering for different types of ethnically diverse food from time to time. The best part of living in gorgeous luxury apartments in Oakland is the diverse community and all of the different cultures that you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in as a resident living in this great location.

Maybe you happen to prefer trying different types of cuisine more often than not. That’s a great thing as someone living in Oakland and the surrounding area. You’ll have so many options to try wonderful ethnically diverse, global cuisines on a fairly regular basis.

In Oakland, there are restaurants serving food from many different cultures. You can enjoy eating dishes from parts of the world including Ethiopia, Italy, China, Mexico, America, Japan, and many other exciting ethnically diverse cultures.

So if you’re in the mood for great ethnic food and you happen to be in this part of the Bay area, you should definitely stop by one of the great restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Today we’d like to tell you about five of our favorite culturally diverse restaurants in the community. We highly recommend each one of these restaurants and recommend checking them out at your earliest convenience.

1. Café Colucci

As far as Ethiopian cuisine is concerned, we have fallen head over heels in love with a phenomenal restaurant named Café Colucci. This wonderful place located at 6427 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland recently found its way on our radar after developing a sudden craving for delicious Ethiopian cuisine one day.

Why are we so enamored with Café Colucci? For starters, the atmosphere of this restaurant truly stands out. We love the casual dining experience that they provide, the gorgeous sidewalk seating that grants us a casual yet intimate experience, and obviously the food is made so full of flavor and life that it’s hard to describe the delectable dishes on their menu.

This restaurant has received a number of exciting accolades over the past year plus as well. In 2017, the Café received a Michelin Guide recommendation, an Expert’s Choice recommendation, and they were also recognized as one of the best Ethiopian restaurants by Best of the East Bay. So we’re proud to recommend a top level restaurant with many wonderful accolades.

2. Wood Tavern

If you ever suddenly find yourself craving local California cuisine, we highly recommend dropping in to Wood Tavern at 6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA, to satisfy your hunger. This somewhat fancy yet very comfortable neighborhood bar and restaurant is definitely a great place to visit the next time you’re in the mood for cocktails and a delicious bite to eat.

On their menu, they serve up delicious appetizers including the crispy pork belly, ahi tuna tartare, butter leaf lettuce & heirloom tomato salad, roasted summer squash soup, and other delicious options. There appetizers are delicious to say the least, and the high class swanky nature of this top-quality restaurant makes the food truly mouthwatering and it’s all at a much higher level than your typical hole in the wall tavern.

Their main courses are definitely some of the most delicious and tantalizing meals we’ve ever tasted. Some of the more popular choices include the pan seared Alaskan halibut, grilled double cut pork chop, pan roasted duck breast, pan roasted half chicken, grilled ribeye steak, and other delicious choices that you and your dining partners are certainly bound to love.

3. Ramen Shop

When you love Ramen noodles and Asian cuisine is much as we do, you’ll definitely make the Ramen Shop at 5812 College Ave. in Oakland a regular stop when you’re hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. The best part about this restaurant is it recently expanded, taking over the luggage shop next door. The restaurant is much bigger now and they even have a bigger prep kitchen, a bar, and they even have their own noodle room as well, which makes the dining experience that much better.

As far as their delicious cuisine is concerned, they definitely have some exciting and tasty options on their menu. Some of our favorite choices on their dinner menu include the liberty farms duck shoyu ramen, the roasted poblano miso ramen, the shrimp and pork dumpling, bluefin tuna poke and spicy negitoro donburi, the little gem and avocado salad, day boat scallop sashimi, marinated local anchovies, and any other delicious choices.

4. Belotti Ristorante E Bottega

As you’re walking around Oakland and soaking in all of the exciting sights and sounds, you may get a hint of delicious Italian food on the horizon. If so, you’ve probably taken a whiff of one of the delectable dishes being served at Belotti Ristorante E Bottega located at 5403 College Ave. in Oakland.

On their menu, they serve such wonderful options including the Belotti antipasto, the pappardelle which is long white pasta with beef reduction, parsley, and organic head of wood mushrooms, the bigoli al sugo d’anatra, which consists of bigoli pasta, orange zest, maple leaf duck sugo, and other delicious ingredients. Again, if exciting high end Italian cuisine is your thing, then this restaurant is going to be the ideal choice.

5. Commis

For those looking to enjoy French cuisine infused with amazing California inspiration, you’ll absolutely flip for Commis. It’s the only restaurant in Oakland with two Michelin stars and the food is absolutely amazing as you can imagine.

Their menu consists of such delicious and exciting meals that they don’t even advertise them on their website. The only way to find out what they’re serving on any given evening is to walk into the restaurant and find out in person.

Enjoying Ethnically Diverse Fine Dining Is Perfect While Living in Oakland Waterfront Apartments

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