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Oaktoberfest 2019

A group of friends toasting with mugs of beer

It’s Oktoberfest with a heaping helping of that Oakland soul. If you’ve just moved to the new apartments for rent in Oakland, then you better start gearing up for Oaktoberfest in hurry, because this amazing event is right around the corner, and you won’t want to miss it:

“Oaktoberfest celebrates the history, the flavors, and the people of the Bay Area. Oakland’s Dimond District hosts this one-of-a-kind Fall Festival (combining Oktoberfest with Oakland), welcoming thousands with craft beer & food, entertainment, arts, and ecology.”

So, what will you need to know in advance of this uniquely Oakland celebration? This will be your opportunity to embrace Oakland’s deep culture and rich history, so read on as we deliver the particulars.

Enjoy Oaktoberfest

First, the basics. Oaktoberfest will be taking place on October 5th and 6th, over in the Dimond District. The main attraction, if you weren’t already aware, will be the plentiful selection of beer and wine. There’s a long list of vendors that will be present in the Bill Brand Beer Garden, and all will be bringing the very best from their stocks to impress the masses. This includes local favorites like Alameda Island Brewing Company, and their classic Alameda IPA, but also includes other beer representatives from breweries like Ballast Point, Fort Point Beer, and many others. If you’ve come for a drink, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s not all about the beer, though, because Oaktoberfest will also be bringing you plenty of live entertainment to enjoy. The complete 2019 lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but you need only look to a few names from last year’s list to get an idea of what’s in store. The stage was graced by many notables, including:

  • Deutscher Musikverein of San Francisco — A big brass folk and jazz band that’s been active around The Bay since 1938, showing off the power of the big bad sound of a horn ensemble.
  • The Rob Reich Trio — University educated accordion player rob Reich and his cohorts delight with their virtuoso talents and knowledge of multiple musical genres.
  • Super NintenBros — Hard-edge alternative rock from right here in the East Bay. They bring the shredding style and fiery attitude to the stage every time they perform.
  • Skyline High School Second Line & Jazz Ensemble — Don’t forget that the youngsters are musically gifted as well. Coming straight from the Skyline High School, these kids show off their amazing coordination and dextrous mastery of their various instruments.
  • Dancing in the Dimond — Can’t have a festival in Oakland without a bit of dancing! You’ll likely see plenty of talented and athletic performers gracing the stage with numerous styles of classic and contemporary dance.

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