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Floorplan Feature: Studio Apartment in Oakland, CA

Expansive, sunny windows in a studio apartment for rent in Oakland, Ca at Fourth Street East.

We wanted to offer a glance at a floorpan close to our hearts: The Harrison. The Harrison is the studio floorpan at Fourth Street East, but it is not a typical studio — the luxury features and expansive space means this floorpan is designed for getting more, not less.

“Harrison” is derived from a name that means “ruler of the home”. The Harrison does exactly that for our residents — puts you in control of your home, your day, and your life.

The king of studios, The Harrison is especially spacious, featuring a large bathroom, big off-set kitchen, and a thoughtful open floor plan full of possibilities for arranging your living space. All in all, this new unit is 561 square feet of highly-usable space. There are also deluxe units available, which are 602 square feet. Harrison loft apartments offer the upstairs loft which makes the unit 755 square feet of space.

All the little details make The Harrison a luxury experience in an efficient floor plan. Here are some of the things that make The Harrison our king:

  • Large windows pull in breathtaking natural light that’s good for the soul, as well as any plants you’d like to keep.
  • Stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and help make your home look bigger with their reflective nature. The sink is a deep, large farmhouse style with a high-end extendable faucet.
  • Wood-imitation flooring are easy to keep clean and provide a modern aesthetic and convenience.
  • Thoughtful paint and flooring colors are chosen for a warm and inviting space.
  • Smart features, like thermostat and lighting, makes saving energy costs convenient.
  • In-unit washer and dryer saves you time and money.
  • An extra-deep soaking tub in the generously-sized bathroom provides a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day.
  • Keyless entry for frictionless experiences getting ready to leave or coming home for the day.
  • The amenities throughout our building exponentially expands your living space. We have a sky lounge with views of the Bay Bridge and the mountains, comfortable seating, and fire pits. The pool keeps you cool in the summer and the coworking spaces and lounges give the remote worker a place to go for a change of scenery. The gym is a place to workout on high-end machines. We are pet-friendly, and we have a pet spa with a self-service pet wash. If you want service, instead of self-service, our community app offers access to a range of services for our residents from dog-walking to frame-hanging.

We hope The Harrison will fulfill all your needs for a new studio or loft apartment. Check out our available listings and schedule a tour.