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Jack London Square

exterior of heinhold's first and last chance saloon on jack London square

The History of Jack London Square

The juxtaposition of the old and the new is part of what makes it such an interesting destination, drawing 3 million visitors every year.

jack London square neighborhood street and shops

Favorite Local Shops near Jack London Square

From vintage shopping to urban wineries, some of our favorite local shops, small businesses, and restaurants around Jack London Square.

friends enjoying beer and food

Fave Bars & Restaurants near Jack London Square

From storied local haunts to cutting-edge cuisine, the bar and restaurant scene at Jack London Square has something for everyone.

Live in an apartment near Jack London Square, the historical center of Oakland, CA. Enjoy waterfront living, easy transportation access, and lively community.

Living in Jack London Square

Here’s a guide to a few of the things that make living in Oakland's Jack London Square neighborhood so special.

Image of the Jack London Square hotel on the waterfront in Oakland. Our building for Fourth Street East is near Jack London Square and has Bay Bridge view apartments.

An Apartment with a View — of History

Our Bay Bridge view apartments in Oakland, CA are surrounded by not only views but of rich history. Learn more about our luxury apartments.

A woman looking at a map

Fourth East Street Community

Whether you're new to the area or just visiting, here are some highlights from this waterfront locale.